Federated Rhode Island Sportmen’s Club, Inc.

The goal of FRISC is the unification of organized sportsmen and women of Rhode Island and nearby territory into a single body, thereby creating cooperative thought and action towards establishing and maintaining sane and suitable control of the restoration, protection and preservation of fish, game, and non-game wildlife and their habitats and to perpetuate with the high ethics and ideals the recreational sport of fishing, hunting, sport shooting, trapping, camping, horseback riding, reforestation, beautification, and clean waters.

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    Senate Hearings Tuesday, April 25 at 3:00pm   Here is what you need to do: 1. Email:  Must include: your name, bill number and viewpoint (for/against/neither).   Email testimony must be received by 3:00pm Tuesday to be sent to committee members and be included in the records.   2. Show up to...

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The member clubs further extend the FRISC’s mission outreach to their members, family, friends and general public through field days, fishing, shooting and social activities. The clubs are also ensuring the perpetuation of the future sportsmen activities and second amendment rights by sponsoring a variety of educational sports youth activities.

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