Banquet Committee

Banquet Committee

Committee Chair to be appointed by the President after the elections at the Annual Meeting

The duties of the Banquet Committee Chair shall include:

  1. Recruiting a sufficient number of people to fulfill the committee’s duties.
  1. Giving a report regarding this committee at the monthly meetings.
  1. Keeping the Executive Board informed of any planned committee activities.
  1. Maintaining any records compiled by this committee.
  1. Being responsible for the committee fulfilling its duties.

The duties of the Banquet Committee shall include:

  1. The planning and execution of the Federated Annual Dinner Banquet.
  1. The planning and execution of any other events such as game dinners or other fundraising events for the Federated.
  1. Coordinating and funding of the FRISC Grant Fund Program.
  1. This committee will also be responsible for any other fundraising activities of the Federated not planned or executed by any other committees.
  1. Any additional work that may be necessary for the good of this committee and/or the Federated.