Rifle and Birds

Fish & Game Committee

Committee Chair to be appointed by the President after the elections at the Annual Meeting

The duties of the Fish and Game Committee Chair shall include: 

  1. Recruiting a sufficient number of people to fulfill the committee’s duties.
  1. Giving a report regarding this committee at the monthly meetings.
  1. Keeping the Executive Board informed of any planned committee activities.
  1. Maintaining any records compiled by this committee.
  1. Being responsible for the committee fulfilling its duties.

The duties of the Fish and Game Committee shall include:

  1. Acting as a liaison between the Federated and the R.I. D.E.M.
  1. Sending at least one member of the committee to attend any open R.I. D.E.M meetings regarding fish and game concerns, including firearms regulations.
  1. Acting as advocates for all fishermen and hunters, both through the R.I. D.E.M. and through legislation.
  1. Keep watch on any legislation and/or regulations that would affect fisherman or hunters and make recommendations on that legislation and/or regulations to the membership.
  1. Any additional work that may be necessary for the good of this committee and/or the Federated.