Ladies Committee

Ladies Committee    


Committee Chair to be appointed by the President after the elections at the Annual Meeting

The duties of the Ladies Committee Chair shall include: 

  1. Recruiting a sufficient number of people to fulfill the committee’s duties.
  1. Giving a report regarding this committee at the monthly meetings.
  1. Keeping the Executive Board informed of any planned committee activities.
  1. Maintaining any records compiled by this committee.
  1. Being responsible for the committee fulfilling its duties.

The duties of the Ladies Committee shall include:

  1. Acting as a committee of outreach and education to further diversify the sports promoted by the Federated, especially fishing, hunting and shooting.
  2. Promoting introductory events to the sports promoted by the Federated for women, children, the physically disabled and other non traditional groups.
  1. Forming a group of “Yellow Shirt Moms” to attend the State House on a regular basis to show support of the Federated ideals and to counter act the Red Shirt Anti-Gun Moms constant presence at the State House.
  1. Actively seeking more female members to join the Federated.
  1. Any additional work that may be necessary for the good of this committee and/or the Federated.