Scholarship Committee


Scholarship Committee

Chairman - Becky Raymond

If interested in participating, or getting involved with the Scholarship Committee, please contact Becky at 401-775-9829, or

Help always encouraged!!


The duties of the Scholarship Committee Chair shall include: 

  1. Recruiting a sufficient number of people to fulfill the committee’s duties.
  1. Giving a report regarding this committee at the monthly meetings.
  1. Keeping the Executive Board informed of any planned committee activities.
  1. Maintaining any records compiled by this committee.
  1. Being responsible for the committee fulfilling its duties.


The duties of the Scholarship Committee shall include:


  1. Conducting fundraisers and soliciting donations during the year to help raise money for the Federated Scholarship Fund.
  1. Being responsible for the advertising of the Scholarship Fund to appropriate organizations, such as Youth Shooting programs, high schools, colleges, etc.
  1. Accepting applications from eligible students during the specified time frame.
  1. Reviewing the applications and recommending which applicants should be awarded scholarships, based on established criteria and the amount of funds available in the Scholarship Fund account.
  2. Any additional work that may be necessary for the good of this committee and/or the Federated.