Sport Shooting Committee

Sport Shooting Committee

Committee Chair to be appointed by the President after the elections at the Annual Meeting

The duties of the Sport Shooting Committee Chair shall include: 

  1. Recruiting a sufficient number of people to fulfill the committee’s duties.
  1. Giving a report regarding this committee at the monthly meetings.
  1. Keeping the Executive Board informed of any planned committee activities.
  2. Maintaining any records compiled by this committee.
  1. Being responsible for the committee fulfilling its duties.

The duties of the Sport Shooting Committee shall include:

  1. Promoting shooting events in all the shooting disciplines (High power rifle, small bore rifle, sporting clays, 5 stand, trap, skeet, bulls eye pistol, defensive pistol, three gun competitions, bowling pin shoots, steel shooting, etc.).
  2. Coordinating all types of competitive shooting activities within Rhode Island to help bring about better scheduling of matches, a diversity of types of shooting events and the participation of more member clubs in such events.
  1. Sponsoring and/or organizing the RI State Rifle and Pistol Championships with the support of local gun clubs and ranges.

  2. Sponsoring and/or organizing NRA Regional, Sectional, Registered and Approved tournaments in Rhode Island.
  1. Sponsoring and/or organizing Rifle and Pistol Leagues and matches in Rhode Island, including Junior and Women’s Leagues.
  1. Any additional work that may be necessary for the good of this committee and/or the Federated.