Wildlife & Natural Resource Conservation

  • To encourage, conduct and support scientific and technical studies in the field of fish and wildlife conservation
  • To assist in the design and development of scientifically sound fish and wildlife programs and the management of wildlife and hunting/fishing/trapping
  • Demonstrate the constructive role that sportsmen/women play in the conservation of fish, wildlife, and our natural resources
  • To promote hunting, fishing and trapping as necessary & ethical tools utilized in wildlife management

Conservation Education

  • To encourage, conduct and support educational programs on fish and wildlife conservation, ecology, and natural resource management that include a demonstration of the constructive role that hunting, fishing, and trapping play in natural resource conservation and land and water management

Cooperation and Support Assistance

  • To provide support and cooperation to other organizations, individuals, and agencies pursuing the same or similar goals to the FRISC
  • To provide leadership and advocacy for the enhancement of fish and wildlife resources for the benefit of all hunters, anglers, and conservationists, by working directly with our resource agencies and legislature

"The Senaca Indians believed that the Creator made the woodcock from the leftover parts of every other bird. If that is true, his heart must be that of the eagle, for it is big and filled with the courage required to wander in solitude through the mysterious forests of this continent." ~ Guy de la Valdene