ALERT! Senate Hearings Tuesday!

Senate Hearings Tuesday, April 25 at 3:00pm
Here is what you need to do:
 Must include: your name, bill number and viewpoint (for/against/neither).  
Email testimony must be received by 3:00pm Tuesday to be sent to committee members and be included in the records.
2. Show up to the State House on Tuesday anytime after 2:00pm to sign in.  We will have sheets to sign up if you want to testify and sheets to sign your opposition or support for bills.
Here is a cheat sheet of where we stand:
Good: 123  337  346  348  350  354  355  356  383  394  626  639  
BAD:  133  134  321  325  363  379  645  647  743  744  929  
Here is the agenda so you can read the bills:
Please help us get the word out, our rights depend on it!